Our hotel was built in the 17th century but at that time it wasn`t a hotel, it was just an inn.
In 1889 it was bought by the great-grandfather of the present hotel-owner Veronika Baldauf.

Hotel Gasthof StoffBetween 1959 and 1960 the first guestrooms were built – it was the foundation for today`s hotel. Because of many renovations in the last few years the modern and comfortable standard of our hotel could be preserved.

In 1990 we built three new tennis courts.

Between 1995 and 1997 a second building for 23 new guestrooms was built, as well as two curling rinks.

In 2003 were also constructed a spa with an indoor swimming pool, 19 guest rooms and one lecture room for our guests.

In 2013 the old cowshed became another hotel building with 20 new guest rooms.

Hotel Gasthof Stoff